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Over Three Decades of Industrial Roofing Experience

RT Roofing Specialist Inc has over 35 years of experience in the industrial roofing industry. We have the knowledge to build, maintain, and offer industrial roof repairs of all types. As an experienced industrial roofing company in San Diego, we have worked on warehouses, manufacturing facilities, research and development structures, fabrication shops, and many other industrial roofing structures.

We are proficient with the following industrial roofing systems:

  • TPO and PVC Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) are single-ply membranes designed to be used on low-slope roofs and flat roofs. They belong to a broad family of roofing membranes that are more commonly used on commercial roofs, but can also be used on residential buildings.
  • Torch-down / modified bitumen roofing – torch down roofing consists of multiple modified bitumen membranes, applied carefully with a propane torch. This installation process gives torch down roofing a uniquely strong watertight seal, making it a great choice in areas where water damage is a concern.
  • Hot mop roofing / build-up roofing – this roofing style is an arrangement of various layers of felt and asphalt topped off with a layer of gravel. In the past, this was a popular roofing style for larger commercial buildings and other flat-top structures.
  • Spray-foam roofing – spray foam is a material that is sprayed as a liquid so it can expand into a foam, creating a solid layer across an existing roof. This type of roofing system can be used in any climate, and when properly installed and maintained, it can last over 50 years.
  • Roofing restoration – the process of cleaning, repairing and replacing the existing tiles on the roof with new roof tiles to make it appear brand new again.

Industrial roofing preventative maintenance

Industrial roofing preventative maintenance RT Roofing Specialty Inc is committed to ensuring that your industrial roofing system receives its maximum life expectancy, thus increasing your roofing return-on-investment. Our roofing preventative maintenance program covers all problem areas of commercial and industrial roofing systems, so you can be worry-free.

Our roofing preventative maintenance program includes:

  • Roof drains and scuppers: roof drains channel water through the deck of the roof into a piping system that carries water away, while a scupper allows water to drain through an opening in the side of the roof edge.
  • Flashing and counterflashing – counterflashing is when there are two parallel pieces of flashing employed together such as on a chimney, where the counter-flashing is built into the chimney and overlaps a replaceable piece of base flashing.
  • Pitch pans: a flanged piece of flashing material placed around irregularly shaped roof penetrations and filled with grout and a pourable sealer to seal around the penetration in order to seal it from against moisture entry.
  • Expansion joints – helps to allow for differential movement between the two construction components.
  • Parapet walls and copings – helps prevent roof edge blow off by diverting airflow up, over and away from the roof edge.
  • Roof coatings – protect roofs from the damaging effects of weather and the environment, such as UV light, and excessive water and wind.

Save energy and money

With the hot southern California climate, keep your business cool while reducing heating and cooling costs. We can help you select the appropriate industrial roofing system to protect your structure, reduce energy consumption, and ultimately see a faster return-on-investment for your roof.
There are many industrial roofing and insulation options to eliminate climate control loss, reflect the southern California sun, and protect your valuable assets. Contact RT Roofing Specialist Inc, your industrial roofing and repair experts in San Diego today.

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