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Roof Repair Experts

Your roof is a major aspect of your home or commercial property. It protects the building’s structure and everything within it. RT Roofing Specialist is a licensed and insured contractor that offers a comprehensive lineup of roofing service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in and around San Diego. Each of our technicians is certified and bonded as well as highly skilled and dedicated to outstanding workmanship. With more than 30 years of experience, RT Roofing Specialist is a leader in the roofing repair, replacement, and installation.

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RT Roofing Specialist:

Roof Repair Experts

Because your roof is vital for protecting your property, it’s important to maintain it by making timely repairs. We carefully screen our technicians to make sure they have the training, experience, and expertise needed to deliver our roofing services. Our crews regular repair all types of residential, commercial, and industrial roofs throughout the San Diego area. Your roof is a valuable asset, so don’t entrust its care to an unlicensed operator. RT Roofing Specialist has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We provide each client with the customized services they need to protect and maintain their roofs for years to come.


Residential Roof Repair

A well-maintained roof can last for at least two decades—and much longer depending on the material it’s made from. Tile roofs, for example, have been known to last well beyond 50 years. The key to your residential roof’s longevity is preventative maintenance and timely repairs. RT Roofing Specialist has repair thousands of roofs since founding our business in 1994. We work on all types of residential roofs to deliver our expert repairs. Some of the most common types of repairs our customers require include:

  • Damaged Shingles
  • Chimney Leaks
  • Flashing Point Leaks
  • Holes and Punctures
  • Pooled Water
  • Cracking and Blistering
  • Missing Shingles
  • Problems Arising from Poor Installation
  • Damage from Pests (i.e. squirrels and other rodents)
  • Damage from Storms and High Winds
  • Damage from Falling Tree Limbs and Debris


Sometimes damage to the roof can also affect the home’s gutter system. Our technicians specialize in gutter repair and replacement too. Whatever the problem may be, you can trust our technicians to make a detailed assessment of the issue so they can apply the ideal fix. We’ll always provide you with an upfront cost estimate for our repairs. We have a reputation for honesty and integrity so we’ll never deliver inaccurate information or attempt to recommend services that your roof doesn’t actually need.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Protecting your commercial property’s roof is essential. RT Roofing Specialist features technicians who have experience working on all types of commercial roofing systems whether they’re flat or sloped. We understand how roof problems can disrupt your business. Our goal is to efficiently repair your damaged roof to minimize business downtime and protect your important investment. Some of the common types of commercial roof repairs we address include:

  • Ponding Water
  • Leaks
  • Moisture Damage
  • Missing Shingles (for shingled roofs)
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Blow-Offs
  • Tenting or Billowing
  • Weather-Related Damage


Damage to your roof isn’t always easy to spot. Many business owners might not be aware that their roof has developed a leak until they notice water spots on the ceiling or mold growth. If you suspect that you have a moisture problem related to your roof, call us right away. We have experience troubleshooting all types of commercial roofs to spot leaks or other signs of disrepair.

If your roof has incurred major damage from a storm or high winds and you wish to file a claim with your insurer, RT Roofing Specialist has substantial experience working with insurance carriers to repair their clients’ roofs to specifications.

Industrial Roof Repairs

RT Roofing Specialist inspects and provides maintenance and repair services for all types of industrial facilities in and around San Diego. Some of the types of industrial facilities we routinely service include:

  • Research and Development Facilities
  • Fabrication Shops
  • General Warehouses
  • Distribution and Transportation Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Show Rooms


Many industrial roofing systems have special needs that require expert roofing experience. You can trust RT Roofing Specialist to provide you with expert service. We’ll carefully inspect your industrial roof to pinpoint its problems. Then, we’ll apply the precise repairs needed to correct the issue. As with all of our roofing services, we’ll provide you with an upfront cost for our work.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Whether you own a home or an industrial complex, it’s important to protect your investment in your property. Preventative roof maintenance like periodic inspections can help you protect your roof and promote its longevity. We provide inspection services to look for signs of damage. Often, we’re able to remedy an issue while it’s small—and before it can lead to structural damage.

You can also contact RT Roofing Specialist for after-storm inspections if you suspect your roof may have been damaged by winds or heavy rains. Rough weather can loosen or even blow away shingles or lead to ponding and other problems that need to be addressed. If we discover any issues during our inspection, we can provide you with a report that includes photos along with our recommendations for fixing the problems.

Quality-Products for Outstanding Repair Work

RT Roofing Specialist doesn’t try to cut corners by using inferior roofing products or materials. Our long-time work in this industry has afforded our technicians with considerable experience with a multitude of roofing products and materials. We know which products and practices, for that matter, are most reliable. We rely on quality materials to make our repairs. Good materials support our quality workmanship.

Repair or Replace the Roof?

Customers frequently ask our roofing specialists, “is it time to replace my roof?” Sometimes the state of a roof makes the decision an obvious one. If a roof is beyond its typical life span and showing extensive signs of damage, it’s a wise idea to replace it and protect your building’s structure. Of course, sometimes the decision isn’t so obvious. We recommend that customers consider the following reasons to opt for roof replacement:

  • Major Weather-Related Damage
  • Multiple Leaks
  • Deteriorating Membrane
  • Shrinkage
  • Ponding
  • Missing Joints
  • Missing Sections of Shingles


We can consult with you and provide you with a careful inspection that outlines the precise condition of your roof. If you choose to replace your roof, we can provide you with a quote for the job. If you opt for repairs, we’ll do everything we can to extend the life of your roof. In either case, we’ll provide you with an honest assessment so that you can make informed decisions about the care of your roofing system.

Emergency Roofing Service

Need emergency roofing services for your San Diego home or commercial property? RT Roofing Specialist offers expert emergency roof service. If you develop a major leak, experience a blow-off, or report major storm damage, we can quickly dispatch our technicians to address the situation. We know what a valuable investment your roof is and how important it is for protecting your home or business. We’ll work as quickly as we can to apply the expert repair.

Contact RT Roofing Specialist for all your roofing needs. We service customers in San Diego as well as in surrounding municipalities. Call to learn more about our services or to schedule your roof’s inspection and repairs.

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