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Do you need roofing service in Temecula, CA? RT Roofing Specialist serves commercial, industrial, and residential customers throughout Temecula and the San Diego regions. Our company is licensed and insured and employs some of the most talented roofing technicians in Southern California. Each of our techs is certified and bonded. As a leading Temecula, CA, roofing contractor, we prize our skillful team of pros. They share our firm’s values for delivering high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. RT Roofing Specialist has more than 30 years of industry experience. Aside from our comprehensive roofing services, we also offer waterproofing, solar installation, and gutter systems services for our customers.

, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA

Do You Need Roofing Repairs?

Rely on RT Roofing Specialist to troubleshoot your roof’s problems and deliver the precise repairs it needs. It’s essential to keep your roof in optimum condition in order to protect your home or commercial property’s structure and everything within it. Delaying repairs or failing to perform maintenance can significantly reduce your roof’s life span and ultimately lead to more costly repairs as damage is likely to grow. The longer a leak is left unrepaired, the more likely it will damage the structure. Moisture problems lead to mold, mildew, and rot.

Of course, we service roofs that require a multitude of different types of repairs. Tenting issues, billowing, missing shingles—we’ve seen it all and we’ve repaired it all! When you contact RT Roofing Solution, our experienced roofing technicians will visit your home or commercial building to troubleshoot the problem. We’ll present you with our findings and recommend the ideal fix. We will also provide you with an upfront cost estimate for our work.


Residential Roof Repairs

RT Roofing Specialist offers a full lineup of roofing repair services. We also offer roof inspections, preventative maintenance solutions, new construction roof installation, and roof replacement. Our technicians have experience working on all types of residential roofs no matter what the style of the house happens to be. We repair roofs made of all types of common roofing materials including asphalt, tile, slate, and more. Some of the common repairs are experts tackle for homeowners include:

  • Damaged Flashing
  • Damaged or Missing Shingles
  • Chimney Leaks
  • Roof Leaks
  • Cracks
  • Damage from Pests
  • Weather-Related Damage


Our technicians will provide you with a detailed assessment of your home’s repair needs. We’ll recommend the repairs that are needed to get your roof back into optimum condition. We will also provide you with a quote for the necessary repairs. In many cases, we can make our repairs in a single day. If more time is needed, we’ll work with you to create a schedule to get the job done.

In many cases, particularly when tree limbs fall on roofs, gutters systems are also damaged. We can coordinate our roofing repairs and gutter repairs if need be. RT Roofing Specialist also manages gutter system repair and replacement.

You can rely on our specialists to provide you with an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition. You need accurate information in order to arrive at an informed decision regarding your roof’s care. Let us inspect your roof for signs of damage.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Maintaining your commercial roof is vital to ensuring its longevity. The technicians of RT Roofing Specialist have experience maintaining and repairing all types of commercial roofing systems. We routinely repair thermoplastic roofs, EPDM roofing, metal, built-up roofs, and more. Flat roofs or sloped—we can tackle all types of roofing repairs. We’ll do everything we can to minimize your business’s downtime if major repairs are required. Some of the most common types of roof repairs we make for our Temecula customers include:

  • Leaks
  • Moisture Damage (i.e. Mold, Mildew, Rot)
  • Missing Shingles
  • Punctures or Holes
  • Blow-Offs
  • Billowing
  • Missing Fastenings
  • Weather-Related Damage


We know that it’s difficult for commercial property owners to spot roof damage. Many aren’t aware that they have a roof problem until the damage becomes evident. Leaks may not be visible, for instance, until that cause problems for the ceiling. Our technicians are expert troubleshooters. They will carefully inspect your roof for signs of disrepair. If you suspect that your commercial roof has a problem, call us to check it out.

If your roof has suffered damage from a storm or high winds and you opt to file a claim, we can work with your insurance company to make the necessary repairs. Never trust your roof’s care to an inferior service provider. We have high customer ratings because we routinely do great work. We value the trust our customers place in us when they contact us for service. We won’t let them down.

Industrial Roof Repairs

If your business is based in an industrial setting, you also rely on your roof to function optimally. Industrial roofing systems can be complex, so you need to contract with a company that’s experienced in industrial roof maintenance and repair. Only through timely repairs and maintenance can you protect your roof and ensure that it functions as you need it to. Industrial roofs are customized to meet their owners’ needs, so maintenance and repairs have to be customized too. We’ve been performing this type of work since our founding in 1994. We can manage all types of industrial roofing repairs for buildings that include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Fabrication Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Research and Development Facilities
  • Transportation and Distribution Warehouses
  • General Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Data Centers and more


No matter what type of industrial roof you have, we can maintain it. Contact us to schedule its inspection. We’ll provide you with a detailed report of its care requirements. If repairs are needed, we’ll provide you with a quote for our services.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Roof?

The best way to enhance your roof’s life span is to contract with a leading roofing company that specializes in roofing maintenance and repair. RT Roofing Specialist services roofs all across Temecula, CA, as well as San Diego. We offer preventative maintenance services for commercial, industrial, and residential roofs. The fact is, when you roof is well-maintained, it can function as it’s meant to. We maintain many roofs that are well beyond their initial warranties. Your roof is a substantial investment; caring for you adds value to that investment.

Our commercial and industrial customers typically request roof inspections twice a year; homeowners may schedule an annual roof inspection. On the other hand, if you suspect damage from high winds or storms, it’s also a good ideal to contact us for an inspection. When maintaining your roof, we’ll typically provide preventative maintenance solutions like tightening fastenings, spotting loose shingles, or clearing clogs and debris.

If you’re interested in contracting with us for routine inspections and preventative maintenance services, we can develop a plan for your roof. With preventative maintenance, you may be able to tack on years to your roof’s life span. Many of our customers have enjoyed long-lasting roofs because they’ve carefully maintained their roof systems with timely repairs and maintenance solutions.

Repair or Replace the Roof?

Roof repairs are common enough. If your roof suffers a leak or incurs damage from a storm, there’s no need to rush into replacing your roof. Maintenance and repairs are part of a roof’s typical care needs. However, if your roof is nearing the end of its life span and is racking up repair needs, then you might want to consider to replace it.

We can help you make this big decision by providing you with a comprehensive inspection of your residential, commercial, or industrial roof. A detailed report of your roof’s condition with our professional findings gives you the information you need to make a decision regarding your roof. Although we can advise you, it’s ultimately your decision—and we’ll support you with our services no matter what you decide.

If you do opt to replace your existing roof, we can perform the entire job. But first, we’ll sit down with you to discuss all the options available to you. You might want to choose a different type of roof. For instance, many products today offer greater energy efficiency than roofing materials of the past. We’ll provide you with the information you need to know about all of your roofing options. After you make a decision, we can give you a quote for a job. We’re also comfortable with bidding for projects for our commercial customers.

Schedule an Inspection for Your Roof Today

Let RT Roofing Specialist visit your home or business to provide you with a thorough roof inspection. If you find any trace of damage, we’ll take photos to show you our findings and discuss the needed repair in detail. Naturally, we’ll provide you with upfront costs for the job so there are no surprises. We charge competitive rates and rely on the best-quality materials designed by reputable manufacturers. We know what products and materials are most reliable and we’ll be happy to share that information with you.

Remember, the key to your roof’s longevity—not matter what type of roof it happens to be—is expert repair service and maintenance. You can trust RT Roofing Specialist to expertly maintain your roof with our full spectrum of roofing solutions.

, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA

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, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA


, Roofing Contractor in Temecula, CA