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Want to enhance the value of your commercial property and save substantially on energy costs? Install commercial solar panels to power your business with clean, renewable energy. RT Roofing Specialist features expert solar panel installation for commercial customers throughout the San Diego region. We also provide residential solar installation services too. RT Roofing Specialist is a licensed and insured company that features fully certified and bonded technicians. Our company has been a leading service provider for more than 30 years. We have a proven track record for success and a reputation for superior workmanship. If you’re contemplating a switch to solar, contact us to discuss your plans.

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Why Install Solar for Your Commercial Property?

Our customers share many reasons for adopting solar energy. First—it’s cheap. After your initial solar investment is recouped through your drastically reduced energy bills, you can rely on the sun’s free energy. You’ll need to maintain or repair your system should it require repairs, but you’ll only be responsible for some minimum connectivity fees to the power company. With California’s laws and incentives, you can achieve credits for any excess energy you produce. You can use these credits to pay for energy from the grid if you need it.

Aside from cost savings, many property owners are excited to embrace solar because it also enhances their property value. If you’re selling your property with its solar system, you can usually tack on at least an extra $15,000—and typically more for a commercial system.

Another great reason to go solar—it’s great for the environment. More and more businesses are adopting green, sustainable solutions for their business. You can market your company’s eco-friendly measures when you install commercial solar panels on your San Diego commercial property.


How Much Money Can I Save on Energy Costs?

By installing a solar panel system that meets your building’s energy needs, you won’t have to pay much for energy—probably nothing if you invest in additional battery storage for your excess solar energy. What most customers want to know is how long before their cost savings offsets the money they paid for their solar panels and system. Of course, the more solar panels you install, the more initial expense you’ll incur. For most San Diego businesses that adopt solar, it takes about ten years for the cost savings to pay for the solar installation. Many businesses manage it in considerably less time.

As far as energy costs, you can expect your bill to drop dramatically. Let’s say your business pays $2,000 per month for energy. If you are financing your solar system, you’re going to pay about $1,000 per month. Once you pay off your solar system, you’ll pay next to nothing. So, customers can achieve a complete return on their investment plus dramatic cost savings on energy for years to come.


How Many Commercial Panels Do I Need to Install?

While there are many online tools to help you calculate the type of solar system and number of panels you’ll need to fulfill your energy needs, we can also help you determine what to install with accuracy. Our technicians have experiencing guiding all types of business with the solar adoption process. We know this is a major investment so we’ll do everything to make the processes streamlined and based on accurate assessments.


Solar Panels and My Roof

Solar installation depends greatly on the condition of the commercial property’s roof. We don’t believe it makes fiscal sense to install solar panels on a roof that’s nearing the end of its life span. We’d recommend that you time your solar installation with your roof replacement. This is the ideal time to make the switch to solar.

However, if your roof is still reasonably new and in excellent condition, it likely still has a long life ahead. You can feel free to install solar panels for these types of situations too. If, however, your roof requires repairs, we suggest that you tackle this maintenance before installing solar panels. As a leading San Diego roofing contractor, we can make any repairs to your roof that are needed. We will make sure that your roof is ready for your solar panel installation.


Are Solar Panels Safe for My Commercial Roof?

A poor installation of solar panels can damage your roof. We’ve heard some of the horror stories that people have suffered because of a faulty installation. RT Roofing Specialist stands behind the quality of our workmanship. Many solar installation companies lack the type of roofing skills that are technicians have. We know solar, but we also know roofs. We carefully install solar panels without damaging your roof system. Never trust your solar installation to an inexperienced operator or you could risk damaging your commercial roof.


About Today’s Commercial Solar Panels

One of the reasons why it’s such a great time to go solar is because of the quality of the solar products on the market today. Technology has led to terrific advances in solar panels. Pricing for solar materials has also dropped dramatically. Today, solar is considerably less expensive to install than it was a decade ago—and the products are more efficient! RT Roofing Specialist takes care to recommend quality products for our customers. We work with durable solar panels that are renowned for their great performance.


Adopt Solar Energy Now

The first photovoltaic system was developed in 1954, but it’s taken decades to develop this energy for the mass market. Today, California leads the United States in solar installations. Our state gets loads of sunshine, so it makes sense to embrace solar here. To encourage California businesses and residents to make the switch to solar power, the state and federal government feature various incentives that help reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a solar system. Now that the U.S. has hit the million mark in solar installations, that number is likely to grow as more and more communities decide to make solar a way of life.

Naturally, businesses worry about the reliability of solar. That’s why we’re so happy to meet and discuss the benefits of a solar system. We can alleviate your concerns and discuss the latest advancements to solar system components.


Other Services

RT Roofing Specialist offers many services in addition to our solar panel installations. We provide industrial, commercial, and residential roofing services that include inspections, repairs, and replacements. We also offer waterproofing solutions, gutter maintenance and replacement, and emergency services. Contact us to learn more about the diverse range of professional solutions we offer to our San Diego customers.

If you are thinking about adopting a solar power system for your commercial property, be sure to consult our solar experts. We can help you determine if roof-mounted panels are ideal for you at this time. We’ll answer all of your questions and help you plan your project. Call us to schedule a free estimate today. Our solar installation professionals continually monitor the solar industry so we can stay up to date about the latest products developed, great new advances in technology, and best practices. Don’t trust your solar installation to an inferior contractor. Our expertise assures you of a successful outcome. We can’t wait to add you to our list of well-satisfied customers.

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