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As a major part of any structure, the roof is integral to your home or commercial property. To ensure that it remains in optimum condition, it’s important to contract with a roofing service that has experience and expertise. RT Roofing Specialist has been repairing, replacing, and installing roofs since 1994. With more than three decades of experience managing commercial, industrial, and residential roofs, we’re confident in our ability to keep your roof in optimum condition, helping it reach—possibly even surpass—its estimated life span. If you need roof repairs or replacement services in Poway, CA, or anywhere in the San Diego region, contact us today.

RT Roofing Specialist has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our technicians are licensed and bonded to perform all of our services. We also specialize in solar panel installation, gutter systems, and waterproofing solutions. Protect your investment in your home or commercial property’s roof by contracting with a leading Poway service provider: RT Roofing Specialist.

, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA

Repair vs Replacement

Sometimes it’s challenging to decide whether to replace your existing roof or repair it. Often, we encounter roofs that exhibit definite signs that replacement is needed. Some of these signs include:

  • Multiple Leaks
  • Deteriorating Membranes
  • Blow-Outs
  • Billowing and Tenting
  • Multiple Punctures and Holes
  • Age
  • Past Major Repairs
  • Weather-Related Damage
  • Damage from Falling Debris


Although we can advise our customers about our views, it’s ultimately their decision whether or not to replace their roofing system. The most important thing we can do to help our customers make a decision is to provide them with a comprehensive inspection of their current roof. We’ll report any issues the roof is experience and recommend the needed repairs. This information can help them make an educated decision about their roof. Whether you opt for replacement or repair service, our technicians will deliver their best work.


Residential Roof Repairs and Replacement Services

RT Roof Specialist features technicians who are experienced with all types of residential roofs. We have repaired or installed hundreds of residential roofs in Poway, CA. We maintain and replace roofs made from materials like tile, slate, and asphalt. When you contact us for repair service, we’ll visit your home to troubleshoot the problem. After assessing the issue, we can recommend the needed repair and offer an upfront quote for our service. After making the repair, we’ll leave you with a service guarantee for our work. You can expect our repair technicians to provide you with outstanding workmanship. We treat your roof like it was our own.

If you contact us to replace your existing roof, we’ll discuss all of the options available to you. It’s important to know that there are many new roofing materials in the marketplace today. Many options can enhance the energy efficiency of your home. We can go over each different material so that you can select one that meets your needs and budget. Finally, we’ll go over our quote with you item by item. We charge fair rates for all of our roofing solutions. If you hire us to replace your roof, you can expect a successful outcome. We’ll install a roof that functions perfectly and meets your expectations for aesthetic appeal.

Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs and Replacements

RT Roofing Specialist serves commercial and industrial customers all across Poway. We provide maintenance, repair, and replacement roofing services for all types of buildings including:

  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Research and Development Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Transportation Warehouses
  • General Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings
  • Showrooms and Convention Centers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Fabrication Shops and More


We repair and install flat and sloped roofs designed with all types of roofing systems. Our technicians can provide you with the customized service you need.

When it comes to roofing repairs, we’ve seen it all and we can repair any type of roof. Some of the most common types of roofing problems we see in commercial and industrial roofs include:

  • Leaks
  • Moisture Damage
  • Ponding
  • Shrinkage
  • Blistering
  • Punctures and Holes
  • Blow-Offs
  • Billowing and Tenting and More


If you contact us for repair service, we’ll visit your commercial property to evaluate the problem. Careful evaluation allows us to provide you with a recommendation for the ideal fix. We will also give you a quote for the job. Naturally, we’ll address any questions or concerns you have. We know that downtime disrupts your business, so we’ll do our best to avoid them. We’ll provide you with efficient but accurate repairs, ensuring that your roof is in optimum condition.

Do you need your Poway business’s roof replaced? Consult with us about replacing your existing commercial or industrial roof. We know that this is a major investment so we’ll carefully go over the ins and outs of replacement. We’ll take time to go over materials and designs. Once we cover each aspect of the job, we can provide you with quote or bid for the job.

Competitive Pricing

RT Roofing Specialist provides premium roofing services at competitively priced rates. We do not price gouge or inflate costs for our customers. When we provide you with a quote, you can expect a transparent estimate that outlines pricing for materials, products, and labor. We won’t surprise you with hidden fees when we bill you. If we uncover problems as we remove your old roof, for instance, we can address the situation right away. Sometimes serious moisture damage isn’t revealed until the removal of the old roof. It’s important to repair any problems before putting on the new roof.

Quality Materials and Roofing Products

After three decades in the roofing industry, we’ve amassed a substantial amount of experience working with different roofing products and materials. We know what works best—what’s most reliable. You can count on our technicians to avoid using inferior products that will undermine the quality of your project. We want to leave you with a successful repair or roof replacement. To achieve this, we use products that are known for their performance.

We Maintain Gutters Too!

RT Roofing Specialist also repairs, installs, and replaces gutters. Many times, when the roof suffers damage, it’s related to the gutters. A clogged gutter can lead to roof damage, for instance. Damage from falling trees or tree limbs can damage the roof and gutter system at the same time. You can contract with us to inspect your gutters at the same time we inspect your roof. Your gutters guide rainwater away from your structure. Blockages and leaks are common problems that affect gutters. Our technicians are highly skilled when it comes to maintaining all types of gutter systems.

If you have a roof, you need to maintain it! Trust RT Roofing Specialist to properly care for your roofing system with our comprehensive lineup of solutions. We recommend that you have your residential roof inspected once a year (or after a major storm if you suspect damage) and your commercial / industrial roof inspected twice a year. During these inspections, we can spot any issues early on—typically before they can cause extensive damage. We want to enhance the longevity of your roof, so we’ll do everything we can to keep it in optimum condition. Contact us to schedule your roof’s inspection or repair service. You can also consult with us about your roof’s replacement too.

, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA
, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA


, Roofing Contractor in Poway, CA